Polar Bear Express 2012 travel blog

Entrance To Bedrock City





Debbie In Fred's Car

Bill With Fred

Bill In Barney's Car


Gas Station

Debbie With Barney

Grocery Store


Fresh Dinosaur Eggs



Flintstone Cartoons Running Continuous

Beauty & Barber Shop

Beauty Shop


Debbie Under The Dryer

Barber Shop

Bill Waiting For A Haircut

Post Office



Bill Behind Bars

Debbie On The Police Motorcycle

Medical Center


Debbie On The Exam Table


Nurse Bedrock


School House



Fred & Wilma's House






Debbie With Pebbles

Barney & Betty's House




Bill With Bam Bam

Policeman's House


Brontosaurus Slide

Here Goes Bill

Made It

Crawl Through Snake

Debbie & Friend



Tour Car


The Whole Crew

Williams, Arizona – Sunday, 10/28

The weather here in Williams is gorgeous, from 68-75 degrees. We took a walk downtown and perused the shops and train station.

Monday – 10/29

First of all, Happy 42nd Birthday to our wonderful, beautiful, awesome daughter Angela.

Now. Why do most people come to Williams, Arizona? Right! To see the Grand Canyon! Wrong. Not us. We came to visit Flintstones Bedrock City! That’s right. We had a “yabba dabba doo” fun time at Fred Flintsone’s and Barney Rubble’s hometown of Bedrock. First, we had lunch at Fred’s Diner (Bill had a Grilled Ham & Cheese sandwich and I had Fettuccini Alfredo). Then we visited Fred and Barney’s community that included their homes, gas station, beauty shop, barber shop, the town jail, medical clinic, movie theater and much, much more!

Sometimes, you’ve just got to be a kid again. This brought back many childhood memories and we had a silly, good time.

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