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We ended up at a KOA in Beaver, Utah

After snow in Draper, 50 degrees felt warm

We stopped in St. George to have lunch with friends Lyle &...

Then landed in Mesquite, Nevada

We're staying at the Casa Blanca Casino RV Park

It didn't take us long to do some lounging.

The place is like Fantasy Island

It's even prettier at night.

Our friends live in the new Sun City Mesquite development

Barb with longtime Boise friends Pat & Rita Ryan.

We had a glitch with car but it turned out OK

Mountains in the background

We left Draper with clear skies - albeit cold. It was a pleasant three hour drive to our next layover - an overnight in Beaver, Utah. We were supposed to stay at Beaver Canyon Campground, but since they had turned off the water, we decided on the local KOA.

We're not crazy about KOA's but it was very clean and well maintained. Better yet - no more snow and at a balmy 57 degrees we quickly enjoyed a glass of wine at the provided table.

The next day we were headed for the desert destination of Mesquite, Nevada but we made a shortstop in St. George to meet our friends Judy and Lyle Wood for lunch. Lyle and Judy were the adjacent campground managers up at Redfish Lake when we first started in the Glacier View loop. We've remained friends ever since.

From there it was a short drive to Mesquite as we traversed through the corner of Arizona and into Nevada. The temperature climbed the entire way - hitting 70 by the time we landed at the RV park behind the Casa Blanca Casino.

I had stayed here on my solo trip back from Texas back in spring of 2010 and had always wanted to share the experience with Barb. The grounds in back are like being on Fantasy Island - beautifully landscaped palms with a gigantic pool with a large waterfall cascading over the rocks.

It didn't take us long to put on our shorts and head over for some lounging. After ordering a couple of Pool Captains at the bar we were in total bliss.

On the way back to the RV park, Barb suddenly remembered that our longtime Boise friends Pat and Rita Ryan had retired here. Rita worked with Barb and started her St. Luke's career in 1970 (Director of Marketing) After a Google search she found their phone number and called.

They quickly invited us over and we had a lot of catching up to do. They live in the new Del Web development of Sun City Mesquite - a large retirement community that's growing by the day.

We talked for hours but I guess we didn't catch up on everything as they invited us back the next night for dinner. That's when we ran into a little glitch with the car. I went to start it and didn't leave the ignition on long enough so it choked. After that it would turn over but not start -almost as if were flooded.

Frustrated and with a deadline for dinner, we decided to just take the truck. Before dinner we toured some of the dozen model homes in their development. We know someday we'll give up the RV life and so we're always looking for 'that place' to settle down. Mesquite is definitely on our list.

Well, dinner was great and we enjoyed another evening with friends. When we got home we tried to start the car again although it sounded like it wanted to start it just wouldn't. Keep in mind, Mesquite is still a small town and there's not a Toyota dealership - the nearest one being 40 miles back at St. George.

But they do have a Ford dealership so I called and they said they could look at it so I had it towed over via Good Sam Roadside Service. That afternoon they called and guess what - it started for the tech. Actually it didn't start - but he pushed the throttle and it fired up. He kept trying all afternoon and it started every time.

So we hope that's behind us, but just to be safe we'll probably have it checked out at the Toyata/Scion dealership at our next stop - Lake Havasu.

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