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Re-enacted war scene at the Royal Armouries

Caitlin as a fighting royal (huh?)

Asian wars were fought on elephants

This armoury is heavy

Bonaparte and the famous battle of Waterloo

York Castle, York

At York Museum there is a re-created street scene from the 1800's

The old fashioned sweet shop at York Museum

Caitlin locked in the jail cell

Caitlin, Isobel and Emily enjoy a ride on a miniature railway at...

You can never get tired of 'laking' (playing) at the park!

Caitlin loved hanging out with our neighbour Ellie (R) and her little...

Hanging out with the family L to R: Caitlin, Monica, Darren, Grandpa,...

Caitlin learned to pull a beer at the local bowls club!

Farewell dinner with our good friends

Hanging out with the Keenes - clockwise from top left: Darren, Malc,...

We spent a lot of time with good friend Steve

Our last week in England was spent on a few days trips, some local, some further away and just generally 'hanging out' with friends and neighbours.

We visited the Royal Armoury Museum in Leeds and it was quite an overwhelming place. It chronicles the different types of armoury and weaponry that has been used through the years and across different continents. It is quite interactive as well so a good experience for Caitlin. We got to put on helmets, wear metal gloves and lift up very heavy swords. We even had a go at archery! What was most interesting was to learn about Henry VIII. Everyone assumes that he was rather a fat, stocky man. In fact, he was quite slim and a very good athlete. But he wore a lot of armour and then all the royal guff that goes along with that, which made him look bigger than he actually was!

York Museum was very interesting too. Although I've been there before, it's interesting because it is basically a representation of life through different eras and periods - kind of like a flashback in time as to how people lived their day-to-day lives. The most fascinating part is the re-created street scene from the 1800s complete with horse and carriage in the middle of the street. The street was lined with shops that were just like they would have been,some were even 'open for business'.

Time with our friends was generally spent playing in the park, playing in the backyard with the next door neighbours' kids (especially Sam and Ellie), having lunch or dinner with friends or just relaxing at home helping Nanny and Grandpa play with their new iPad (very exciting).

On 19th October at 5:00AM, we waved goodbye to Nanny and Grandpa and set off for Manchester airport (thanks For the early morning lift Steve). Next stop Bintan Island.

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