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Hotel Central provide a very nice fried egg, toast, jam, butter, & tea breakfast after which we walked out to the road and the fellow from the previous night at a tour agency hailed us. He quoted us 100,000 r. for the taxi trip to the boat and ferry to Gili Air. Since it was leaving promptly (8:15) we made a quick ATM stop (luckily, since later we found there are none in Gili that worked) then headed out. By 10:30 we were on the ferry loaded with locals, produce, mechandize, and tourists.

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A bit choppy but no one fell overboard, just splashed a bit. Once there a fellow, Asa, from Villa Kombok convinced us to look at his place nearby. We did and Bon's propensity to check out all possibilities to compare took us to the 'heart' of Gili Air beachfront. There we discovered much has changed (according to Bon) in the intervening 6 years since she and Mari were here last. Later, at dinner we spoke with our waiter, a local, who told us this all came about just since 2011 - less than 2 years time! Both sides all along the beach are choke-a-block with restaurants and accommodations! We returned to Villa Kombok after Bon stopped to see where they had stayed, now completely surrounded, no breezes! Villa FKombok has breezes, is cheaper, includes breakfast, and the folks are pleasant and helpful.


Today we were going to Gili Meno but just couldn't get going. Instead we had a very good discussion with the German engineer next door to our bungalow about energy and meditation and his experiences of the ashram Ratubagus.

Wiki Info Ratu Bagus Ideas of shaking, laughing, capturing and giving energy, cult-like followers, genetic connections, etc. and healing.

Later we finally went snorkeling off the beach - fish are very tame, swim within inches looking at you. Met up with Silvio and Sabrina at Chill Out where we were the night before (also with other Swiss gals, Anna & Julia). Nice folks, good chatting. Bon still trying to find a way to vote....

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