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Carpe at the Freightliner Service RV parking area
Full (50-amp) hookups...

Freightliner of Arizona's new Tolleson facility

The RV parking area is full

Carpe enters Freightliner Tolleson Service
Two days of annual service checks & repairs

Sun, 21 Oct: A very short Sunday drive today. We moved a breathtaking 41 miles east on I 10 from Tonopah to Tolleson, Arizona. We're now at the Freightliner dealer's RV parking area ready for Carpe's five year service at the uncivilized time of 0700 tomorrow.

This is our first visit to Freightliner of Arizona's new Tolleson facility (it was being built last year) and we're quite impressed with the RV area. Full (50-amp) hookups including water & sewer. Very impressive. Of course, once we factor in the amount we'll spend here during the next 48 hours it'll probably be the most expensive "free" parking we've ever had...

We left the Saddle Mountain RV Park at 0800 and Bob took us the entire 41 miles nonstop! Whatta Guy! We stopped at the Pilot across 99th street from the Freightliner dealer to top off the diesel tank. We were parked & all set up by 0930. A nice short day, our favorite kind.

We've already been to WalMart, Camping World, and Costco. We'll most probably tackle some of our other pent up shopping needs tomorrow while we're "homeless". We expect to be here two days, service tomorrow and chassis and wheel alignment Tuesday (Alaska & Canada roads knocked our alignment out of kilter so we'll have them put it right).

If all goes to plan we'll complete our big circle Wednesday with our final leg back to Rover's Roost in Casa Grande. Those plans are, of course, cast in Jello pending the unanticipated.

Tue, 23 Oct: Well, Carpe is now out of the shop with new oil, filters, lube, etc., etc. They also found some "issues" (nobody has problems any longer, only "issues") that needed attention. Fortunately the repairs were mostly covered by our extended warranty.

We're now on a beans diet for a few weeks while our beleaguered credit card recovers from the onslaught. We're beginning to realize just how expensive it is to keep one of these diesel motorhomes running well.

In addition, they found the two front tires are out of round which is the cause of much of the vibrations we've been experiencing. So, we're looking at replacing two tires before we make any more long trips. Since we'll be here for a while we'll have time to research just how and when we'll bite that expensive bullet.

We're now free to leave but it's getting a bit late in the day so we'll stay one more nite in Tolleson and head down to Casa Grande tomorrow morning. Hopefully we'll make it thru the Phoenix traffic with no worries.

Trip Summary
Miles this leg: 40.1
Total miles since Casa Grande: 10,300.9

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