Jaen, Peru Oct 2012 travel blog

Up early to pack. Breakfast at 7am. Left for Bus station for at 8am. Bus supposed to leave at 830 left at nine. no A/c . As usual tv blaring ...unbelievable as everyone practically slept the whole way. Travelled throuhg the mountains on windy roads ...good job you couldnĀ“t see what the driver was seeing. He passed a lot of vehicles on the windy road yikes but all was well. They are used to it. Passed through mountains, then lush land where the road traversed a river deep below, then onto the dry ,sandy, filthy area and onto Chiclayo. Back to the same hotel Parieso. Went for walk for dinner. Ate at restaurant Kevins recommended by the policia...prices reasonable 7 soles for my chicken , rice, noodle, vegetable chinese style dinner. We walked the busy streets..for a Fri night lots of vendors on street ...everything available to buy..bought USB to USB connector to see if i can get any charge to my tablet. Bought a few pastries..1 sole each to have with coffee later here in the hotel. At the few stops the bus stopped at people were selling sliced pin eapple, popcorn. ? soy milk , water. everything seemed to be 1 sole.(30 cents)

At least it is a lot cooler here.

Booked van to take us to the museum 30 soles each..Flight out of here at 555 hrs tomorrow.

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