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Uncle Bob, Aunt Pat and Teddy

We enjoyed our day off the road yesterday but still explored with Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat. They took us into Fayetteville NC to see the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. It was fantastic. We seem to be on a military kick of late and we have come across many great exhibits. This museum was dedicated to the airborne troops of the Army which began in WWII and continue today. They are in part the paratroopers, Rangers of Korea,helicopter pilots of Vietnam and the troops who jumped from the hovering craft among others. Museums have changed since we were kids. Full size real life scenes are depicted with mannequins and real vehicles, copters and planes. In many cases you can touch the "people" who look so real. Videos, walking through transport planes, sitting in moving seats in a theater make you think you are jumping out of planes and doing the things the Airborne folks did and still do. It is however, a sobering experience since war is so horrible for so many. We bless our troops and honor all the fallen and injured. Museums such as this help to put things in perspective. After, all of us had subs for lunch and we were even able to get the camper and truck washed and spiffy for our next adventure which begins shortly. Thanks Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat for your always wonderful hospitality. Enjoy the pics.

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