Jaen, Peru Oct 2012 travel blog

Well today, we got to the site and found that the maestro and his 2 sons (14 and 16) had shifted a load of bricks onto the roof area that will be the second floor.

More bricks were delivered which we help stack in a pile. Julia and I then cleared up the work site of nails etc.

At around 10am a load of kids arrived from the school we went to yesterday. They sang for us. Then they made teams up green versus blue with the soccer shirts Brian had bought with him. The boys played , then the girls played. For their age they had excellent control of the ball and the goalie 10yrs old made some brilliant saves. Then the rain came. The dirt soccer "field" they were playing on turned to mud and had many puddles but the kids kept playing. Most of them were playing in bare feet. I guess they are used to walking around in bare feet. The ground was very uneven and full of stones. I picked up some dog shit with a shovel. They played for ages . One of the teachers was coach with a whistle. Then Martin , school teacher from the other site did the referreeing. He was absolutely soaked but kept on going just as the kids did.

Obviously this was the highlight of my trip so far.

One of the teachers asked for help setting up vcr to tv. She had some CD´s she wanted to show me. We couldn´t get the sound to work but finally managed to. I showed her how to use the remote. Hope she remembers!!!

They are very proud of their culture...dancing especially. I went to a show with our group last year and it was pretty cool.

Then lunch..I bought some peach juice from the corner store at the hotel for everyone. My treat !!!! Tom had bought apples (stickers from Chile on them!!!) bananas, rolls, peanut butter, strawberry jam..He finally did something that he is supposed to do. I made sure I got a cheese sandwich made at the hotel to take with me. They thought I wanted it for breakfast so it was hot when i got it. (Cold for lunch)At least I got some protein at lunch . The workers had a thick lentil soup with carrots, yukka, in it. They ate such huge bowls of it.

Inspector ? engineer came and he was not happy with some to the work that had been done so they had to redo some rebar. I wish i could have helped them but I ain´t climbing up on any roof to do any work !!!!

My back was a bit sore probably from sitting so much watching the football so Brian and I left the site earlier than the rest. Yolla made sure the motortaxi knew where he was going before we left. She always is responsible for our safety.Showered , slept (ice on back as per Brian) Didn´t set alarm so slept for 2 hours.

Cesar took me to market to buy some tshirts with peru on and there were absolutely none large size with Peru on.

He was great . We walked through the market and for such a small town there was absolutely tons of stuff for sale.

Ok gotta go

Dinner in the hotel tonight thank god.

One more day and we are outta here !!!!!!!!!

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