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Near Palma, Spain.

Palma was nice; we were docked at a massive shipyard for a few days. It felt good to have shore showers and walk around the city in the evening. I spent one day in Daie, a small town that attracts writers for several months at a time. Many travel there to finish novels. I was a bit disappointed by the small size, however it felt good to have some me time. It was about an hour away from Palma by bus, and directly on the other side of the island.

Yesterday I went on two dives, each at about 50 feet. They were the final dives I needed in order to gain my Open Water certification. Last night was a late night for many of my crewmates, with essays for SLD and OCB, both due at 8:00am this morning. Now we have a few days to complete our research papers for OCE. There’s quite a bit of homework considering the amount of free time we have. Speaking of which, this entry was just interrupted by Captain pulling the fire alarm, then screaming a funny/awkward scenario in which the boat caught fire. We immediately went into a fire drill. Captain seems to pick the most random and obscure times to do Fire, Abandon Ship and Man Overboard drills.

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