Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Sunrise on Ocracoke

Here comes the sun...dee,dee,deedee

The big rigs on the ferry line

NC Institute for Teaching

Pulling away from the slip

Say goodbye to Ocracoke

Nice day for a boat ride

See ya again Ocracoke Lighthouse


So are they

View from inside the camper

Coming into port

Attention: everyone back to your vehicles

We bade a fond farewell to one of the neatest places in Ocracoke NC. We vow to be back sometime again. I think September 15th on to mid October is a good time since most of the tourists have left and hurricane season is reaching its end. Easy flat 4 mile bike ride on a multi use path into the village from the National Seashore Park that is half price for us "seniors". We took the not free ferry for a ride to the mainland that took slightly over 2 hours. It was a beautiful but windy day so there was considerable chop on the bay but sitting out on the back deck was great since it was shielded from the wind. I had a great time reading while Shirley did her craft crosses in the camper. The drive once on land was gorgeous, though towns right on the water and over bridges until we got inland. It was a long drive through the country side and woods until we arrived at our destination for a couple of days in St. Pauls NC. We are at Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat VanDuzer's home and guess what? They let us stay on their large property for free and they are feeding us too! These are great folks and Bob is Shirley's father's only remaining brother. I have known Bob and Pat since before we got married 39 years ago. We always have a great time when we get together. They actually are not that much older than us. More fun awaits today. Enjoy the pics.

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