Jaen, Peru Oct 2012 travel blog

Managed to get some real work done at the site today. They had an area off the old kitchen(we are in the process of building a new one out of real bricks not adobe type bricks)that needed to be cleared as it had collapsed. So with pickax, shovels and wheelbarrow Tom, Julia, Brian and I started cleaning out the mess. It was dirty , dusty work so I didn´t stick around long. We made good progess though ,cleaning it up and at least we had something to do. Fred and George helped the workers with rebar tying on the roof of the building. They really sweat doing that job as they were exposed to the direct sun.

Tom bought rolls, jam, some bananas ,crackers and tomatoes for our lunch. It was one lunchtime when we would have liked the food cooked at the school..very ironic.

Packed up around 2 and travelled to another school on the other side of Jaen in the motortaxis. 7 of us so I travelled alone. We beat them all probably because there was less weight to carry !!! We had to climb up a very rugged dirt road and one of the motortaxis couldn´t make it. Brian bought his suitcase full of blown up soccer balls and shorts and soccer shirts for the kids.

First the children gave speeches to us ...probably welcoming us and thanking us for the work we were doing at the other school. They were really impressive. One boy spoke on his own , he was the first to speak and without notes gave his speel. He couldn´t have been more than 7.

When Brian opened up the suitcase to show the children what he had brought for them they were over the moon. It was a treasure to witness.

Anyway we had to leave as our motortaxis were waiting for us. Got back to the hotel to find out that all of Jaen´s hydro was out....so no hot water ...so cold shower and then a little siesta before heading out to dinner. Went to a pizza joint ..stifling hot inside but i endured. When we got home the hydro had been back on for a while and we were able to have a shower. Watched tv and then came down to the computer. Thunder and lightening and rain tonight. Now to bed.!!!!

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