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Inchiquin lake, Melrose Park

Miniature Train, Melrose Park

Neagles Rock Lookout

The View

Outlook from the van

Near by characters

Old Town Hall

The Old Pub

Main North Rd. Clare

View from Quarry Lookout

From Brooks Lookout

16th October

Clare is about an hour and a half from Adelaide and a short distance from the Barossa. The Clare Valley has been making wine for a long time. Jesuit priests planted the region's first grapes in 1851, just 15 years after European settlers arrived. Wines made the region famous but mines and farming made it wealthy.

Edward Burton Gleeson settled here in 1840. In homage to his Irish hometown, he named it 'Clare'. The Hawker brothers then settled at Bungaree Station to start farming- self sufficiency was critical as it was a two week ride to Adelaide but more stations were built and Clare soon became known as the Garden of the North.

On our visit to Melrose Park, The Clare Valley Model Engineers Inc had a selection of their miniature steam trains displayed in the park. There were lots of excited children waiting patiently for a turn to travel on the trains around the park.

Travelling back to the caravan park we noticed a sign for a lookout. We arrived at Neagles Rock lookout to discover that we had to get to the lookout by foot. About 600 metre climb, with a couple of stops on the way we made it. The view was worth it and it was a lot easier going down except when the red ants attacked me. Greg said I was going too slow lol. That was our first day in Clare.

This morning we have woken to a very cloudy day and a few spots of rain. Later in the morning it looks to be clearing so we are going to chance it do and the Historic Walk around town. Most of the old buildings are still in use today. Heading to the Bake-House for lunch Greg is very disappointed to learn that they are not doing Pie Floater this week. So he settles for a pepper pie while I have the plain pie.

17th October

Last pictures around Clare. Leaving in the morning stopping overnight in Renmark. Talk about the luck of the Irish when we stopped at Brooks lookout. Three couples were just leaving and in the short conversation we had it was gleaned that they were Jehovah's Witnesses. After taking our photos and heading back to the car, the very friendly lady headed back to us giving us a pamphlet to read. Asking us please take 5 minutes to read this 'Life in a Peaceful NEW WORLD'. Thanking her while taking the pamphlet she told us to be careful driving as there are a lot of idiots out there. Must have noticed our number plates or maybe trying to recruit us so we could spread the word on our travels.

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