Jaen, Peru Oct 2012 travel blog

So Mon am. after all my rest i felt good enough to go to the school ...the heat creased me and as we didn´t have much to do, Isabella and I went back to the hotel around 2pm.

The rest arrived back to the hotel around 3pm

Showered had some gatorade and felt better. sorry, but the heat is a killer and i can´t wait till our bus ride to chiclayo on fri.

this has been quite the trip and project. I don´t know how the men are managing to cope with the heat but they are.

dinner... just had a salad ...they make a really good one at the hotel...with some sliced cheese on it. don´`t feel liking eating much in this heat. they gave me another honey elixer which was superb but got me sweating again. I got a little extra protein on my salad (a worm) not too bad..means the food is probably organic. At least it was a WHOLE worm. Isabella took photos of it.

after dinner did my washing...hung it out upstairs...thunder and lightening as i was washing my clothes...

went to computer to check email etc....and it started to pour so dashed up to the 7th floor to grab my clothes. Paulo was washing something and he helped me take my clothes off the line.

Ok so now they are all hung in my room . heres hoping they will be dry by tomorrow..they should be .

we shall see what tomorrow brings....i only know it is one day closer to fri !!!!

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