Jaen, Peru Oct 2012 travel blog

Ok , so we ate at the usual restaurant in the Plaza de Armas. I was hoping for spaghetti but got a noodle dish with slivers of beef and green peppers in a soy type sauce.. it was ok but not what I wanted . we went to the pharmacy and that was a good half hour hassle. We even had an interpreter, a nurse helping and it was still difficult. I ended up getting some tylenol with some medication for flu symptoms and an antibiotic of some sort.

Anyway I took the prescribed dose and slept the whole day. Waking up at noon only to have some lovely chicken soup and hot lime, honey and water elixer. Very good. Cesar the chef at the hotel gave me some losenges for my throat...very nice of him indeed.

Went back to sleep and got up for dinner...had more chicken soup and lime elixer.

Went back to sleep and got up in the morning feeling a hell of a lot better !!!!

While I was sleeping Fred, Julia and George went on a 2 hour van drive over trecherous roads to go to the forest of huamantanga to see birds, animals and a waterfall (the size of Cypress falls by their pictures.) They hiked in the heat so I am very thankful i didn´t go. George said that they had cleared a lot of the land to grow coffee and cocoa and that if they kept up the rate they were going there would be no trees left.

With all the sleep behind me i DID a conversation with Cesar the chef and his son Paulo (17yrs) on the computer using google translate.Paulo was very interested to know about canada ,our history, french, our industry , provinces etc.What the maple leaf on the flag was. He said he had been taught french at school and had found the grammer very difficult. .I told them about maple syrup. they knew about it as they mentioned pancakes.. whether theirs is genuine maple syrup i don´t know. it was fun doing the google translate ..we must have spent 1 1/2 hours on the computer together.

I told Paulo that history was my worst subject at school. he laughed. He said he had picked up his little english by watching tv here. especially friends and a man and a half. Off to bed and believe it or not slept the whole night!!!

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