My Aruba Escape 2012 travel blog

At the Marriott waiting to be picked up...

Butterfly Farm guide

Very large butterfly...forgot the name

Inside the butterfly farm...

Me and A few of the ladies from NY

Partial wrecked ship

The bar hopping buses...only go out at night

First Church on the island

Church Information

Inside of the church

Sitting outside of the church

A house that people can leave things from their home country at

Flag Of Aruba

A hill in the middle of the island

Inside of tour bus

Natural Bridge

Me at the natural bridge

Rock formation scenic sight

lava rocks

One of the casinos--this one is downtown Aruba

Hello everyone,

Today I did the island tour...they got the pick up location right this time. Again, it was hot and humid, but we were on an air conditioned bus, so that made the weather more tolerable. I met a few nice ladies who were from New York on the tour. I always meet people during a tour that I can kind of hang out with and chat with. It rained a bit, but by that time, the tour was over, we were on the bus being driven back to our prospective hotels/pick up locations. At least the tour guides here don't try to force things down your throat, such as buying items from the stops that's on the tour route. I think I am in for the day. The chef will be preparing dinner for me tonight. I asked that she prepare a pasta dish that is not on the menu. I don't want to have another allergic reaction. On the tour I found out that all the grocery stores and most smaller restaurants are owned by the Chinese here, interesting. I was wondering why those were the only markets that I saw. I've only seen two different gas stations on the island, Texaco, and Valero. Valero seems to be the dominating one. I've seen a few of those, and only one of Texaco. As mentioned previously, there is not a lot to see on the island. I suppose if you are from a place that is not on the coast, Aruba would be a nice place to visit. Don't get me wrong, the people are very friendly, there are a lot of eating establishments, and it seems to have a night life. As for me, I bore easily. After 4 or 5 days, I'm ready to go to the next spot, or head home. Mentally, I am kind of at that place now, however, I have another day and a half here before I head home. Tomorrow I do the submarine thing. I'll get to see some Aruba underwater sea life before heading home. Check back either tomorrow after 8:00 p.m., or the following day for pics from the submarine adventure. Until then. Enjoy.


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