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The Aston outside the Clock Gate

A Horsemsn

Huge Cattle

Would you like a photo?

After assembling for a group photo in front of the old clock tower in Cartagena, we were expertly escorted out of town by the police. It was a long drive and we did not arrive in Aguachica until well after dark, but we enjoyed seeing real Colombian village life in every place we passed through. There was enthusiasm for the cars wherever we went and if we give out rally cards at the current rate we will run out of the 1,000 that have been printed. Each one is received with a big smile and I was asked to autograph one at the petrol station. There is great gamesmanship when it comes to overtaking. If you do not seize the chance you can be sure that the guy on your tail will.

The hotel in Aguachica is pleasant and friendly with a secure car park, if rather basic - but, hey, if you have been sitting in a car in 32 degrees , who needs hot water in the shower? Besides there is a particularly lively bar next door with loud music blaring out to play us to sleep.

Loud music seems to be a part of every bar and restaurant here. Driving through each small town we were treated to different music from each bar - blending into each other. Lunch was soup in a roadside cafe with Debbi and David, Rick and Di and Carles and Jane. Our cars were much photographed by every passing car and truck driver, always with that characteristic Colombian big smile!

What a great start to the rally.

Tomorrow we are going to try to get away by 7 a.m. In order to beat the worst of the heat and arrive in time to enjoy Barichara in daylight.

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