My Aruba Escape 2012 travel blog

In Front Of Marriott Hotel Waiting For Tour Bus That Never Came...

Beach area...

Coconuts anyone...?

California Lighthouse....

My dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe

Posing in the Hard Rock Cafe...

Vendors outside of Senor Frogs

Restaurants lining the street

Party Boat...Again

Direction Sign....

Hello Everyone,

Today my surrounding energy was a bit off. I was scheduled to do an Island tour today, the bus was supposed to pick me up in front of the Marriott because they don't pick up from private residences. Well, needless to say, that didn't happen. The guy who booked the tour told me to be in one place, and the driver went to another. That was quite annoying because that little mishap through my entire day off. I had to shift gears and find something else to do. We're going to try the island tour again tomorrow. Hopefully they have the pick up location right this time. I did finally find a post office, as I wanted to mail off my postcards. I always mail myself one as well. In an effort to occupy my time, I drove to downtown Aruba, I couldn't find a parking space, so I didn't get a chance to explore there. It also rained a bit today, however not much. It is very hot and humid, and the flying bugs have been having a field day biting me. On one leg alone, I have at least 10 bites. OY!! Since my day was thrown off, I drove to the scenic spot of the California Lighthouse. Apparently that is a big thing here. I only did it to have something to do. I took a few pics, had a vanilla milkshake made by the vendor near the lighthouse, and then I drove back to the area I was in yesterday, referred to as downtown Palm Beach, sort of a Beverly Hills, Melrose Place type of area. After driving around for a few hours, I came back to my lodging spot and took a nap for a few hours. Woke up refreshed, hopped in the shower, got dressed and headed back to DT Palm Beach. I can see why people wait until the night time to get out, it's much more comfortable, weather wise. Even though there were a number of people out, the majority of people don't get out until around 10:00ish or so. Heck, by that time, I am ready to go to bed. While I was out, I had a nice dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and walked around a little bit. I bought another Aruba bag that I don't need, and two pairs or earrings for my mother from some street vendors that were near Senor Frogs. I wanted to stop in the Sopranos Piano Bar, but there was no one in there, so I decided not to go in. Prior to coming here, I found out that people don't get out until late, so I expected that. Let's see what the island tour will be about tomorrow. For the most part, I may have already driven to some of the spots. Check in again tomorrow or Monday for more.


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