Jaen, Peru Oct 2012 travel blog

Day off.

I planned a trip to Jaen museum. Left at 930 with head honcho Marko of the hotel . He drove us in airconditioned van . not far to museum. They had opened it up especially for us. Had a private tour in Spanish !!! but Isabella interpreted it for us. Very nice small museum.

The museum was in gated surroundings with a school attached.(laboratory techs , animal techs, agricultural studies) So, apart from the museum we saw some animals, finally saw some rice growing in water at its last stage. some coconut trees with small fruit on it.

The students at the school seemed to be having a fun day as they had music blaring, cerviche (in a big red tub) dried toasted corn, sweet potato, lettuce leaves, peppers . They offered us some of their food which i tried except for the cerviche. They also had cervesas which i believe Marco bought and offered us all some. In the museum we were offered some sugar cane brandy from an ancient vase which had aged for 35years. (tasted like Oban whiskey to me.) they also let us taste some sugar cane brandy that had age 50 yrs from another old pot (this pot was covered with a bulls testicle sack..laughs all round !!!)this whiskey wasn´t as good as the first but was still potent. It cured my sore throat for a while.

Stifling hot again today. Maybe a three shower day today!!! Sounds like dinner in the town square . I hope to buy some medication for my cold, which is now full blown. Checked on internet to find out ingredients in Sudafed . Was told that they used Panadol here so I will pick some up tonight at the pharmacy.

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