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Leaving Our Campground In Thompson

Our Campground In Thompson

Our Campground In Thompson

Our Campground In Thompson

Pisew Falls





Debbie Enjoying The Snow




Our Home On Wheels

Bill's Little Buddy


He Came Right To Bill



No More Snow

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Pisew Falls

We left Thompson this morning with snow all over our truck & fifth wheel. Bill had to sweep the snow off the top of the slides and thaw out the TV antenna so we could lower it. The roads were a little icy but after the county truck added some salt on the road we were fine.

Story of the Lynx at Pisew Falls

About 45 miles south of Thompson is the Pisew Provincial Park. The name, "Pisew", is translated from the local Cree language meaning "Lynx". It was so named because the sound of the hissing water bears a resemblance to the sound of this wild northern feline.

Its creation is due to the intensive geological activity in the area hundreds of thousands of years ago, when violent tectonic effects caused the creation of first a fault, and then an upheaval of the southern side of the fault-line.

This has left a rift in the landscape with a waterfall riotously cascading over and through it.

What an amazing site especially with the snow all around. Make sure you watch the movie file as well as looking at the pictures.

We arrived at a Shell Truck Stop where we all spent the night dry camping. The temperature has been down in the upper 20's at night and only the low 30's during the day. Tomorrow we head for Winnipeg.

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