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Aruba Currency (Florins--AWG)

Care to join me....?

Inside of Senor Frog

Guys...this one is for you (no, not a naked woman)

Sopranos Piano Bar

Sunset at the beach...

Outside of Senor Frog

Inside of Senor Frog

Lunch at Senor Frog

My backyard in Aruba

Hard Rock Cafe seems to be everywhere

Me and the sunset on the beach

Hello everyone,

Today I did not get dressed until 2:00. I was just not in a hurry to get moving today. In addition, I think jetlag set in. I always have at least one of these type of days when I travel. When you travel alone, you can do that...get dressed anytime you like, or not get dressed at all that day. On a different note, there is a guy who lives across the street, somewhat of a peeping tom. As it is quite hot and humid, I usually keep the front and side doors open. The house has an air conditioner and ceiling fans, but sometimes it is still hot. Back to the guy across the street, yesterday I had just gotten out of the shower, heading to the bedroom, I happen to look up, the guy across the street was staring at me out of his window. You guessed it...I was in my birthday suit. When he realized that I saw him, he left the window. Well, needless to say, today I blocked his view with the room divider.

Back to today. When I finally got dressed, I went for a drive, here, there, and everywhere. I had no particular destination in mind. I was hoping that I would come across a sketch artist, but I did not. I have a number of sketches that were done of me by different people in different parts of the world. I have dubbed those sketches..."as the world sees Angela". I bought a few more souvenirs...that I don't really need, because I bought souvenirs the other day. Tomorrow I will do an island tour. There's not a lot here to see, but if you are into water sports, you would probably like it here. Regarding meals, I have the option of a professional female chef preparing them, preparing them myself, or eating out. I ate one of the chef cooked meals the first night (Fish (Gruber), with a coconut and tomato sauce) and rice infused with coconut oil. The meal was very good, but I had a mild allergic reaction to it. I did not mention this to the chef, I just took some allergy tablets the next day. They seemed to help. I always travel with a mini medicine cabinet just in case. I'd rather stick with the foods that I know. However, not to offend the chef or her husband, who are the owners of the house (they live next door), I'll probably try another meal or two prepared by her. Hopefully I won't have another allergic reaction. I'll request that she prepare a different dish next time. At Senor Frog, I had not one, but two strawberry daquiries (I don't think I spelled that right), and they were not virgin. That's a big deal for me, considering that I do not drink. Needless to say, afterwards, I had to walk it off...:). I stopped in Sopranos Piano Bar, there was nothing going on so I left. Aruba wakes up at night. There were not a lot of people out earlier when I was out, they were mainly at the beaches, getting tanned, burned, or both. Thank you,...but I already have a tan. I did stop by the beach to take a few pics as the sun was going down. I noticed that more people were hitting the streets as I was heading in. Me,...I am in for the night, I'm not one for the bar scene or night clubs, though I will go to one every now and again. Maybe I'll go once before I head back to Cali. Tomorrow is island tour day. Until the next time...


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