Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Eva flanked by us

Showing Eva around the camper

Eva really wanted to join us

Hanging from Eva's door

Nancy and Kip Robinsson

The four of us

We drove only about 60 miles to Richmond Virginia yesterday. Did you know Richmond was the capital of the Confederate States? There even is a Confederate White House. We came to Richmond to visit multiple friends. We began our stop by picking up subs and visiting with Eva Raymond for lunch. Eva married my friend Gene, a fellow I finally met when I was a radio announcer in Buffalo. I say finally because I had seen him in Batavia for years but never talked. Gene was blind and the stories I can tell about this remarkable fellow could fill 10 blogs. He was married to Eva and we have kept up since Gene's passing a number of years ago. They both are the same age as us and Eva is blind as well. We had a wonderful time and really didn't want to leave but move on we needed to. Dinner plans called with two other wonderful folks we met at Church in Decatur GA. Nancy and Kip Robinson opened up their home to us for a visit that seemed like it was just yesterday we saw them at Church. We gabbed and ate wonderful chili reminiscing about folks we have met on our ways. They are involved in international ministries, this time in Honduras. Nancy is a minister and Kip is a retired engineer that has been "moonlighting" as a missionary in both Africa and Central America. Their home is in Richmond. Nancy and Kip live on a very quiet and wide residential street which was perfect for yet another night of free camping. We are truly blessed to have 3 such wonderful friends in Richmond. Enjoy the pics.

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