Polar Bear Express 2012 travel blog

We Woke Up To A Fresh Powder Of Snow

Tundra Buggies

Winter Wonderland




Our Snowy Trail

Pintail Ducks



Red Fox




Another Buggy

300 Year Old Black Spruce



We Had a Little Engine Trouble

What Beauty




Another Muddy Trail

Can You See The Arctic Hare?

Our First Bear Siting Today










Comfort Is So Important


Look At The Camera




Our Second Bear Today

He Really Was Enjoying The Kelp


Yellow Leg



Our Trail Ahead

Our Trail Behind

My Honey



As You Can See By The Sign We Saw Everything In Churchill

Another Fun Day

On The Train

After Breakfast

Our Room On The Train

The Sink

Views on the Way



Our Train


Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Polar Bear Walking

(MP4 - 1.40 MB)

Polar Bear Eating Kelp

It’s day 2 on the tundra and, again, what an awesome experience. The snow on the tundra today gave the landscape an entirely different look. We were so fortunate to have seen several arctic animals today. The arctic hare, the muskrat, two red foxes and one arctic fox, several species of shore birds and two polar bears, all living together and sharing the land. Again, we had lunch with a fantastic view of a polar bear.

It was sad to leave this primitive land we grew to love in such a short time.

Tonight we had an early dinner and boarded the 7:00 p.m. train for our 16 hour train ride back to Thompson. We had a double sleeper room with bunk beds that had to be unlocked and pulled down from the ceiling by the porter. The room was about 6x8 that included a toilet. Having never ridden on an overnight train before, it was quite the experience! We had a nice breakfast in the dining car before arriving in Thompson around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

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