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Our Tundra Buggy

Debbie in the Driver's Seat

Inside The Tundra Buggy


Steve Driving

Heading Out

Kevin - Our Driver & Guide


Tundra Buggy Hotel

Our Road or Trail


Hudson Bay

Our First Polar Bear Sighting


What Teeth


Arctic Hare

Hudson Bay

The Trail Ahead

Can You See The Ptarmigan?

Snow Geese

What's In The Background?

Another Bear


He Was Afraid of Us



Still Another



He Smelled Our Soup



Finally Went To Sleep

Rocky Shoreline

Another Bear Eating Kelp








Beautiful Tundra

Another Bear

This Is Our Trail

Tundra Buggy Hotel

Our Trail Across The Water

Almost There

Our Driver Kevin

Inside The Tundra Buggy

Happy Caravanners Heading Back To The Hotel

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Polar Bear Scratching

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Sleepy Bear

Bears, Bears, and More Bears!

Today was our first of two days on the Tundra and what a day it was. Our day began at 6:30 with breakfast at the Tundra Inn; scrambled eggs, country-fried potatoes, bacon, sausage, toast, juice and fruit.

At 8:00 we boarded the bus that took us out to the Tundra Buggy. Now the journey begins. We were all so excited, anticipating our first polar bear sighting. Kevin, our driver, told us the history of this amazing landscape and Hudson Bay area along our 6 mile trek on the tundra. The buggy traveled at an average speed of 3 miles an hour due to the tundra’s rocky trail, so it took us 8 hours to complete our day on the tundra.

About an hour into the journey, someone yelled “BEAR!” so Kevin stopped the buggy and we were in awe of this beautiful, massive, creature. He was nervous at our presence and took cover in a willow bush but we could still see him and he picked his head up periodically to check us out. We watched him for a while until he bedded down in the willows, then we were off again in search of more bears.

A little while later, again, someone yelled “BEAR!” and Kevin stopped the buggy so we could enjoy him. He was unimpressed with our presence and sat up, laid down, rolled a little, yawned and gave us quite a show. We decided this would be a good time to have lunch. Picture it! Soup, sandwich, tundra, polar bear!

We saw a total of 9 bears!! It’s hard to describe the feeling of being in this very, very remote land where the polar bears live, except to say that this was the trip of a lifetime and there’s more to come; our second day on the tundra, but first, when we got back to our hotel, we had a wonderful dinner at The Tundra Inn Restaurant. It was an exhausting day so we went to bed early.

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