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Caitlin opening the canal lock

Caitlin and Grandpa getting on to the canal boat

Riding along the canals

Bronte Parsonage

Monica engrossed in Jane Eyre

Greenwoods at the Cow and Calf rocks

Grandpa and Caitlin looking over Ilkley from the Cow and Calf rocks

Wild goats and sheep wandered around the rocks

Caitlin at Skipton Castle

Another view of Skipton Castle

Beautiful windows that were once filled with stained glass

Caitlin and Monica in the chapel on the grounds of Skipton Castle...

Caitlin on 'The Long Drop' (need I say more?)

Narrow slits in the walls were used to shoot arrows from upon...

There's lots of nooks and crannies in these castles

Our first few days in Brighouse were at a much slower pace than the previous weeks through Germany and France, which was nice. We spent time just wandering about the town (not too much has changed - just a bit more traffic) and doing day trips to nearby townships and attractions.

Grandpa took Caitlin down to the canal which runs through Brighouse, to feed the ducks. They managed to get a free ride on one of the canal boats, which was loads of fun for Caitlin. The canals still operate well and have working locks for the boats to adjust to the changes in height along the length of the canal.

We went to The Bronte Parsonage in Haworth where the famous Bronte sisters wrote their novels. I was inspired to buy Jane Eyre and read it as I hadn't read it before. I have to read everything twice because the language is so different and there's a million footnotes in every paragraph. We'll see if I have the patience to stick it out. Woman's Weekly is suddenly looking very appealing!

We also went to Ilkley and drove up to an interesting rock formation called 'The Cow and Calf'. We had a bit of fun climbing that and seeing the beautiful view from the top. But then it got cold and very windy and started raining so we quickly got back down.

Skipton Castle was really interesting. Although I'd been before it was fun to go back. It was a castle that endured a 3 year siege and still stood at the end of it, so you can imagine how strong and secure it is. There were lots of school groups about, so we caught snippets of what the tour guides talked about, making it even more informative.

The weather here is a bit cooler than I thought it would be and has also been raining a fair bit, making it feel damper and colder than it probably is. Oh well.... I might just have to go shopping for warmer clothes and shoes! ;)

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