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I am amazed by how very friendly Indonesians are, willing to help by-in-large whenever asked and if they speak English, anxious to talk. But just as surprising is how ruthless the cabbies are in trying to rip off tourists. Several times now we have encountered drivers who offer fairs far higher than locals (we know from asking at hotels) and when Bon has answered back, 'No, No. Too high' and then responded with a suggested price half of what they have quoted - which is still higher than what locals pay - they laugh in our faces. As a group they are crooks and the locals who may be in the vicinity don't help, they simply either don't answer when you ask a rider what they pay or agree with the driver!! Very discouraging.

Now, after 3 flights on different airlines, it's clear to me that ALL Indonesian air schedules are only pretense, none of them leave on time! Of the 3 our delays were between one and two and a half hours. When we landed the last time both of us commented that it was by far the worst landing EVER, and not due to extenuating circumstances like weather, etc. I said to Bon 'He flies like he's a bus driver!' I'm beginning to think they run these airlines like bus lines, they leave when they're full or at least wait as long as possible to fill as many seats as they can, ha!

From the Denpasar airport we took the LP's advice and walked out to Airport Rd. and at the exit from the airport picked up a blue taxi with meter which took us to the Seminyak area ($35,000 local currency). After walking around looking for the place Bon said she and Mari stayed 6 years before, we finally gave up and checked into Seminyak Guesthouse - way over our budget but it was dark by then and I was tired. We figured tomorrow we'll look again. In looking for a dinner place walking further than I'd hoped, we found their previous lodging, Legian Beach Bungalow, half the price of where we're staying but no AC or TV, in Legian area, not Seminyak!


Sleep in, go to internet, look for used bookstore (to find Indo LP), move to new digs - Legian Beach Bungalow, and walk 'the strip' and beach! We speculate what people, tourists, think (if anything) when they see some of the vendors, obviously very poor. Likewise, I feel very strange here having been traveling and now in a blatantly, in-your-face tourist area. Don't feel like I belong for sure yet I'm just a traveler looky lou as much as these other tourists. I'm just not interested in the consumer end of it, ha!


Didn't know Beach Bungalow came with breakfast, tea and toast! We headed for BIM Hospital to get Xray off to Dr. Bose in Chenai (for Bon's hip) but they wouldn't do it without a letter or email authorizing it. Went to the Mal Galleria to see if we could find an Acer dealer or service place but not here. Instead we found a bookstore where Bon read the Indonesia LP guidebook and we snapped some photos of maps in it of places we're thinking of going. Gotta get outa this town soon!

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