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Notice the Clock...8:30, Still Not at Ferry!

Off the Ferry, Bon Talking w/ a Dutch Couple We Met Coming...

Yup, This is Where Kudzu Comes Fromn - Seen Along the Way...

In Malaysian Borneo many many men smoke, constantly! Even in mini buses and vans.

Mini van to Tawau for ferry to Kalimantan, Indonesia

Ferry over left at 1 pm...We read in the LP it was supposed to go at 9am so we were up at 5:30 to get to Tawau ferry terminal in time after a 2 hour minibus ride. Once there we found out it wasn't leaving until noon which later turned out to be 1pm....

When we arrived at the ferry landing and went thru immigration it was interesting that they made Bon open and empty her pack. They asked a lot of questions "Where are you going? How long are you staying? Why are you coming here?" They seemed particularly interested in her vitamin pills. Bon was very cool, chatting with them etc. They did not stop me or inspect any of my bags which is actually unusual, but I figured maybe they were just curious and wanted to practice their English.

By the time we arrived in Tarakan it was 4pm, too late to go onward so we checked into Sakura Hotel after checking 2 others, one full, one just really not good value, plus no windows. Everything is within walking distance, ATM, airline ticket place - Star Mandiri Travel, where we bought tickets for flight to Balikpapan tomorrow, and KFC, ha! Met a fellow at KFC, a missionary with his 2 kids...nice fellow with an open mind - refreshing. Works in a school which was just recognized by the govt after 4 years trying. Told us about the deep tribal rivalries here - had 'riots' just a month ago here in town.

Sakura Hotel

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