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View form the Colorado River.

The rock cliffs were stunning

Patches of green where the brush grew in the sand

petrified wood. This was one small sample of several trees that were...

Looking up a Deadhorse, as you recall we wre looking down on...

The amphitheater

We decided to explore these canyons from the bottom up and took a jet boat tour of the Colorado River. This area of the Colorado is only about 5 feet deep and at one of the lowest levels in history so it gives these guides quite a challenge to maneuver past all the sandbars. We took a 4 hour tour with stops to hike up and see petrified wood loose and some still partially buried in the sandstone cliffs. Quite amazing! Mike you will also be interested to know that we saw petrified cow dung here. Not as old as the petrified trees, but there sure was a lot of it! A couple from southern California couldn't get over seeing that.

We saw blue heron nesting area, river otters and bighorn sheep. All things you would miss from up on the plateaus.

We went up to a place in the national park they call the "grotto" to turn around. Here, in the summer time they host 3 music concerts over Labor Day Weekend. This is a natural amphitheater which has the most amazing natural acoustics so Moab Music Association brings in a full chamber orchestra with baby grand piano and all, plus seats enough for 120 per concert. This is all done by the boats we were on as the only way in is by the river. The tickets cost $300 each and $175 from each ticket pays for the music program at Moab schools including the instructor. Our guide said it an experience like no other and you will never hear better music. The orchestra director worked as an assistant under Leonard Bernstein. Now I have another thing on my "bucket list".

All too soon, we were heading back to shore and back to town. We met some great people on this trip and we are glad we decided to do it.

That about ends our touring of this great land. We are tired, but quite experienced at hiking and climbing. Chloe is glad we might "stay home" for a little while!

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