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Dinosaur tracks in the rock

Don't turn photo this is the way it is. Jug Handle Arch

Petrogyphs along the route

These were carved by stone in hard rock

These are interesting wish we knew the meaning

Another day in Moab found us taking SR 279 to Potash. The drive up the canyon along the Colorado River is yet again a beautiful trip. Along the way we stopped for what they call Indian Writings. They aren't writings as much as they are petroglyphs, or symbols believed to have been left by the Fremont as much as 3000 years ago and are still quite visible today. They etched or chiseled into the rock wall that is coated with dessert varnish which is actually rock covered with maganese. Further up this road, we came to an area that has been discovered with dinosaur tracks in the rocks. They are visible from a parking lot although they are on a slab of rock on the hillside. The road took us to Potash which is actually a potash plant owned by Intrepid Potash. This is where they load the potassium that has been scraped up at the evaporation ponds. Large facility, but only about 30 employees.

On our return trip, we had the sunroof opened and I noticed another arch. We had seen the sign, but couldn't see the arch and assumed we had to hike to it. Without looking through the sunroof, we would never have spotted it. It sits right along the roadside, but quite a ways up the rock cliff.

This was only about a 30 mile round trip, but definitely worth it.

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