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Breakfast room in our funky Padua hotel

Postcard of Giotto's frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel (1305)

Padua University (1222) - 3rd oldest in the world

Photo of the world's first operating theatre at this university

This young lady just passed her examinations to become a physician

Also, this young man. Both greeted by proud family members

One of our group showing how the arm of 'arm and a...

Large building with important frescoes

Attractive ceiling of the balcony

Astrological and Criminal Justice frescoes inside the huge hall

Horse statue donated to the hall

St. Anthony''s Basilica (building started in 1231)

Lovely Prato delia Valle, largest square in Italy

Oval-shaped piazza with fountains, walkways, statues and grass

Once was a Roman theater

Ivan went to see the Botanical Garden (5-acre garden to cultivate medicinal...

Founded in 1545; world's oldest academic botanical garden


Water lily...

...close up

Pitcher Plants

Cactus bloom...

...close up

More cactus

Local guide Cristina led us around this pretty city for about 3 hours. The main attraction was the Scrovegni Chapel with its 13th century fresco paintings by Giotto. They completely covered the walls and ceiling! Amazing and with beautiful perspective (ahead of his time), the panels told several religious stories. (Admittance to the chapel is limited to 15 min. per small groups with reservations.)

On to the 3rd oldest university in the world (after Bologna, Italy, and Paris). It was interesting to learn about and then see the first operating theater for training physicians. In fact we saw 2 newly graduated physicians (a gal and a guy) right after passing their examinations and being greeted by family and friends, wearing the traditional wreath of green leaves with red ribbons on it. A very big moment for the graduate and the family so there is a lot of celebratory noise and activity for each one. There are no group or mass graduation ceremonies.

At the Palazzo della Raglore we saw a huge empty hall with more old frescoes that relate to astrology and for determining punishment for various crimes, a group of us went to a small cafeteria for a slice of pizza for lunch. Ivan and I then went next door to the grocery to buy fruit, nuts, cereal and chocolate for our supper in our room tonight.

Really hot and humid day so we were anxious for the AC to cool our room. (It turns off when you leave the room.) As it got cooler and more comfortable I decided to stay in and work on the blog while Ivan went alone to see the Botanical Garden. He returned in about 1 ½ hr. saying it was very nice but there were few flowers. Our evening was spent showering and working on the computer. It was a good day but Padua reminded us of a big city and we're anxious to get to the smaller villages.

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