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The camp ground very nice place

First look at the Arches NP

Lone rock

Margi's "Balanced Rock"

Looking for Margi

There she is! looking for a balanced rock

Arches starting

Some of the fantastic formations

These types of formations are common in the valley

Lone pillar

Water erosion

More formations

These just sit in the valley floor

Skyline Arch

Colorado River on the sate 128 route

The Castle valley, working ranch and winery plus guset houses in the...

Castle Rock ( Imagine a Chevy on top) Many Ads have been...

Bucket list here I come! We are finally headed to Moab, UT. Another one of those places I have been wanting to go to for a very long time.

Just out of Provo, we drove through some mountains that had the most amazing fall colors on the hillsides. Around the next bend was more spectacular than the one we had just come by. We were unprepared for this beauty so could only capture it as we were moving. I will never forget the beauty of those hillsides. Lots of reds, rust and yellow against the greens. Absolutely gorgeous! The pictures here don't do it justice by a long shot.

We arrived in Moab, UT about 1:00 PM and are staying at Spanish Trail RV Park which is south of town. One of the nicest parks in Moab and there are quite a few. We are staying here on the advice from some McKenzie Travel Club friends, the Pellegrinis. Unfortunately, all the parks here are expensive as this is their big tourist time of year. This is a $40/night park and that's about average for all the parks with the exception of Portal RV Park which is $10-$20 higher.

It is a Good Sam Park so we did get that discount but as we are staying for 10 days, it's a little spendy.

Driving into Moab, you experience the red rock cliffs coming into town. God's work and Mother Nature are in evidence everywhere you turn here. Really unbelieveable!

First day took us to Arches National Park! Many areas to park and hike to arches. Unfortunately the day we chose to go so did a lot of tour buses and every one and their brother. Lots of people and no parking available so we did a lot of driving. We did hike to Skyline Arch. Generally these arches are formed by rain, wind and general erosion, but in 1940 a large section of this arch fell to the valley floor below creating a much larger hole in the arch. According to the information at the arch this is a very unusual happening.

On our many hikes in these National Parks, small piles of rocks could be seen everywhere. Me, with my imagination, thought the leprechauns had really been at work. Actually, they are called cairns, and most of the time they are intentionally placed to mark trails. So I was partially right, but I think they might be called park ranger volunteers instead of leprechauns!

It is beautiful country and we plan to go back several times to view it in the early morning and then again right at sunset.

That same day we took a wonderful trip on SR 128 which follows the Colorado River up a canyon to I-70. This was a trip recommended by Dick & Gail Pellegrini. Great picnic and camping areas along the river as well as the beauty of the rock cliffs. We came to Castle Creek Winery and Red Cliff Lodge. Of course we had to sample the wine. Had the nicest lady in the wine tasting room and learned that the wine we liked the best, Outlaw Red, came from a Souza grape from Portugal that they make port from. We will probably make a trip back there to buy more of the wine. Quite tasty!!!!!

Red Cliff Lodge is just across the parking lot from the winery and this houses a movie museum. Many movies and commercials have been made in Moab to Monument Valley area. Johnny Depp and Will Smith are in the area now making two separate movies.

We continued on the highway and had planned to take the road up the La Sal Mountains, but with recent rains, the road was closed due to high water. Another time. We did get to Castle Valley where the pinnacle is located that they did many commercials from. Only way to get a Chevy truck there is by helicopter!!!!!

That ended our first day in Moab! There's much more to come!

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