Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Irean and Herb

McKinley the wonder dog!

Newport digs

Shirley testing her new camera

Harbor art

Just a few sailboats

And some classics

There's some money here

Waiting for their number to be called

Newport scene

Waiting for dinner

L-R Sally, Robert, Sara

Shirley, Sara, Sally and me

We were in Newport California earlier on the trip now we are in Newport Rhode Island! The day started out with breakfast at IHOP as we met up with the folks who found Shirley's wallet on Nantucket Island! While Shirly was geocaching evidently her wallet fell from her backpack in a woods where she was searching. Shirley didn't know she had lost it until a call from AAA later that evening giving her the phone number of the person who had found her wallet. Actually, a DOG found it while out for exercise. McKinley came back to his master with Shirley's wallet in his mouth. When Shirley spoke with Irean she found out about her wallet's tale and that she and her husband Herb were coming on the next day's ferry to Hyannis. We met them both for breakfast and just marvelled at God's good grace and angels looking out for Shirley. They are a wonderful couple, Herb is an orthodontist and Irean is a sculptor who also is his office manager and lab tech. They were going to NYC to visit their sons. We thank them AND McKinley for their acts of kindness. Next we drove to Newport, set up the camper and walked downtown a bit waiting for the next big event of the day. My only Cousin Sally Strachan, her daughter Sara Strachan and Sara's boyfriend Robert came from Providence to have dinner with us. We had a wonderful time catching up with all the goings on. Robert was a professional basket ball player in Europe and still quite a sports fan. We traded memories and laughed out loud. Some reading this blog know Sally's parents through us. Uncle Dick (my father's brother) and Aunt Beckie Strachan were wonderful to our family for so long. They lived for many years at the Presbyterian Retirement Village in Summerville SC. We visited them often and miss them both very much. We finished the evening giving a guided tour of our camper and talking some more. It was a fabulous Strachan evening. Enjoy the pics.

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