Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Plymouth Rock Monument

The Rock

Mayflower II story

There she is

Very real experience

Cramped quarters for 160 people plus crew

The stern

Shirley getting on board

Full sails and lights

This is where we've been for 18 months

We left Salem without visiting any of the witchy sights preferring to head to Plymouth to see the rock. We did indeed see it and next door was the Mayflower II. I thought it was going to be a "tourist" thing but it is the real thing. This was built as an exact replica of the Mayflower in 1957 and has been in the Plymouth harbor since being sailed from England where it was built. Not sure why we didn't see it in '75 when we were there but it was excellent. There was a nice display of information before we boarded and they had people dressed in the traditional garb of the day speaking in English accents to add even more authenticity. It was a hard life crossing the "pond" in the 1600's for those first pilgrams. Interesting fact, the Indian Tribe that is in the Plymouth area have a day of peaceful morning on a hill across from the rock yearly. We then motored to Cape Cod perhaps our all time favorite place to visit. We are in the same campground as we were in 15 months ago. It is on the ocean and walking distance to a couple of restaurants. We went to Church this morning to a United Methodist Church which is over 200 years old! Enjoy the pics.

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