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Wiki Info Bandar Seri Begawan

Tried to find 2-3 others to share car to Hiah Natl Park caves (only way to afford it, even then $25 US each) but no one!! So we chatted w/ Austrian couple (he's a BMW mechanic, she and office worker) Both quit jobs to travel since January, mostly in Asia. I spoke w/ Willie a lot about logging and palm oil business/industry...

Tribute to Ross Boyert Also, Tribute to Ross Boyert

It's a film, Malaysia's Poison Blogger Exposed in the US.

Jeffrey Sachs

Top Economist Dupped into Supporting Malaysian Oil Palm giant, Sime Darby

The destruction and environmental impacts of these companies is huge. Willie has been jailed 4 times protesting, he's worked as a tour guide here for 20+ years and has seen with his own eyes the progressive toll these companies have taken on his country and especially on the rural poor.

To Brunei @ 3:45pm:

Brunei still has 70% of it's rainforest which is very evident as soon as we crossed the border - I had great photos, now lost!

We met Andrea from Argentina and she is sharing our room at KH Soon Budget Motel/Rest House (just a block from bus stop). We had gone to the IYH Hostel, but it was really a dive looking place and not really convenient, plus not much cheaper.

9/23 Since Andrea is leaving w/ 2 Italian girls we move into a double at KH Soon Budget Motel/Rest House. Actually, this room is cheaper than the triple since we have a shared bath. The Italian gals are a bit standoffish so Bon & I figure we'll just do our own thing. Went to the huge Jamel Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque

LP Review of Mosque

It was built in 1992 to celebrate the Sultan's 25th year of his reign. The Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque

Wiki Info Sultan Omar Ali Mosque I think is more beautiful, it is where much of the celebrations for the royal wedding took place - again, lost photos.We just happen to be in town on the day of the great event, ha! No possibility to see the actual ceremony in the palace, couldn't even locate a TV at the 10am scheduled hour. Also, went to the Royal Regalia Museum, quite an over-the-top look at how royalty lives! We attempted to meet up with the 3 gals to share a river boat trip to see proboscis monkeys but in the end we did our own trip and saw them going in the opposite direction on their boat!

The afternoon was spent going to 'The Mall' in Gadong just to see how the Bruneians spend their time and money. Their oil has enabled them to save their rain forest heritage but it has a tremendous influence on the local population in terms of influencing generations...just like we saw in the emirates Website About Emirates in the mid-East. No visible poverty, people seemingly most happy and content, even very friendly since they don't see us as primarily $$ signs (no touts, in fact, some difficulty even finding taxis to go places, ha).

Because of oil they now have a beautiful legacy for the next generations which will no doubt be exloited once the oil disappears - hopefully, not for lumber but as a tourist destination to showcase what once was throughout this part of Mother Earth. Neighbor, Malaysia sure won't have any left to show!

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