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The new Yankee Stadium


Hall of Heros

They even have a Hard Rock

Jumbotrons are everywhere so you don't miss any of the game.

Now that's a baseball field




Andy Pettit's return to the Yankee Line-Up







The stadium facade is traditional from original "House the Ruth Built"



Acting like the kids we are!




The "Big Money" A-Rod strikes out again!!


The walk of shame



We never got either

We took a walk around the ballpark's food level

The view from center field

Another Hall of Fame for the best of the best Yankees

Mantle was the BEST!

There's a Sports Bar in center field




Final Score- Yankees win

The Yankee's pitchers shirt is out indicating a win - what's that...

A great game

Waiting for the #2 Train to the Bronx

Sign now give you a hint when the train is due

Graffitti in the South Bronx- it's an epidemic

Gas is not cheap here. We shouldn;'t complain in Palm Beach Gardens

After a 1 mile walk from the train we're at the Fordham...



A must stop at the seal pond


It is near their feeding time

The Gardens into the Zoo


White Rinos

This building used to hold the "big cats" in small cages but...

North American Grizzly - we saw them in the wild in Montana...

He's got an itch!






They make the background very realistic



Hey there, why don't you come in here with me?








Are they black with white stripes or white with black stripes?



Taking a nap on his buddy's back



It must be monkey nap time

I think that fish is too big for this bird!



The Bronx River

A trip on the monorail into Asia


Siberian Wild horses -almost extinct

The tiger "Yuri" that maulled the man who jumped into his den


Indian elephants


Peacock that joined us for lunch




Hey, why don't you come in here and take my picture




Red tailed tree panda bear


I'm bored with you tourists!!!


In the tiger's den





Hey, come on in!



Snakes, tirtels, gators, etc.




Butterfly exhibit




There's one on MJ's head





Scarlet Ibis


The end of a great day!

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Note the guy coming at me with the Gluten Free beer!

(MP4 - 2.50 MB)

Why do people have to get up from their seats when I...

Hi everyone:

We've been putting in long days and some longer evenings and sometimes we're just too tired to get these Entries out there. Thanks to my good friend Mike Mirkin, I was due to go to the Yankee game at their new stadium on Tuesday evening but a line of severe storms cancelled that. Not wanting to dissapoint me, Mike re-schedulled our great tickets to the following day in the first game of a double header. We both took the

A-Train to the Bronx to watch the Bombers win. They later won the night game as well to pull ahead of Baltimore in a very close Pennant Race.


The next day MJ and I got an early start and took the subway up to the North Bronx to visit the Bronx Zoo. I'm sure most of you have heard that on the following day

(Friday)a tourist intentially jumped into the Tiger's Den and was mauled by a 4 year old 700 pound tiger named "Yuri". So far the news is all in favor of saving the animal as he did nothing wrong. We agree!

Tomorrow we head for SOHO, Little Italy and Chinatown so STAY TUNED!

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