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We drove most of the day and took the fifth wheel over roads we could not believe. It was nerve-wracking to say the least! Lee looked and looked for a campground that would be easy to get to, have a site big enough for us and not be outrageously priced. He was also trying to find one where we weren't going to have to face narrow winding roads. Well, we couldn't find anything that fit those requirements.

He finally figured out that the best deal was the Four Seasons Resort in West Finley, Pennsylvania. It is only 10 miles or so to the Palace of Gold where we are heading.

Unfortunately for us, what he couldn't find was something that was not on a narrow winding road. We ended up traveling over s curves, u curves, switchbacks and hair pin turns. We thought we had plenty of time to end up at the campground during daylight hours, but no such luck. We ended up on these kinds of road in the dark as he had to drive so slowly in order not to end up in a ditch! And ditch is probably not the right word. We would have fallen off the side of a mountain - that is more accurate.

Anyway, we finally got to the campground and I thought all was well. Not so. The lady in the campground gave us a map and showed us where to go. We started down the turn she gave us and decided that there was no way we were going any further. It was worse than the roads we had been on and pitch black. We figured we had to be on the wrong road. No one was around, so I got out and tried to guide Lee back up the hill so that we could get on the other road. Finally one of the camp hosts saw us and came down on his golf cart to help out. He wasn't a very big help but we managed finally to get out of there and on the higher road. It should have been a breeze at this point except that he couldn't find our site and then when he finally figured that out, he led Lee into the site so that the hookups were on the wrong side! So, Lee pulled out again and this time we did what we wanted to because there was some light and we finally got into the space.

It turns out that the office person meant to take us up the way we originally were going but that is a ridiculous way to go with a big rig. The other way was much easier if you know which way you are supposed to go into the site. What they really need to do is lead people in if they come in past daylight. We are in the middle of nowhere and there is no light coming from above!

Ahhhh well, we lived through it. We were both exhausted from the driving and being so tense all day long that we just went to bed after we got set up.

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