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Lake Walby


Champagne pools

After a look around the resort we head up the crazy 4wd track again. Today's mission is to take the quickest route through to the beach in order to get up the coast line. With joshiemoo asleep again I walk to lake walby lookout of my own, all the while watching for snakes and dingoes. The view is exceptional a sand blow leading into a lake a great place to come back to in the future. As we drive we spot so many gecko's and Marc even has to stop for one as it crosses the road and climbs up the tree to our left, very cool. It's not long before we hit the beach again and we will be racing the tide today. It may be that we left our run a little late....

We decide to wait for the water to go down and stop for a paddle at Eli creek. It's a neat spot where the creek runs out to the sea. Joshie and I build a few sand castles and we get talking to a man who is showing a few german tourists around. With the tides changed we head through to Champagne falls. The sand seems to get softer as we go and I start to wonder if we are going to make it. We arrive and Joshies again asleep in the car so I headdown with a bunch of tourists that had just arrived. On my way back up I something catches my eye in the water and I stop to realise it's a stingray about 1m long at least!!! Glad i'm not in the water! Marc goes down for a look and confirms the stingray size for me. It's cooled down a little and we continue on to Waddy point and orchid beach, the most northern part of Fraser Island we will see on this trip. Coming back down the beach the sand is much better and we make it back to our original camping spot. Masterchef whips up a quick meal and we retire again to the tent due to the sun going down early again.

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