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Lake Mackenzie


Jas, Dee and Nate

Maheno Shipwreck

Caught the early ferry across to Fraser island this morning arriving in Kingfisher resort. Will be neat today to catchup with our good friends jas,dee and their wee man Nate who we haven't seen as since he was a baby. It's finally neat that Marc gets to be a boy in the sandpit today. After spending 10mins trying to find the only road out of the place we hit a 4wd track that makes Mum's off-track roads look like a freeway!!!! Oh well at least my man's smile just got twice as big. Once we were over the rollercoaster ride it's native bush drive into Lake Mackenzie. Never have I seen water clearer than this lake. And with us almost having the beach to ourselves Joshie goes for a paddle. He's really starting to become a water boy! Next stop is a drive over to Eurong where we meet Jas and Dee. The corner out of Eurong turns straight to Five Mile beach. Marc's loving his first 4wd trip on sand. We then head inland again on the Birrabeen road to check out a few of the lakes but nothing compares to Lake Mackenzie. After travelling aloop we get bak out on the sand. We love the feeling of cruising along the beach at 80kph on low tide with the waves only cms away from the cruiser.. After awhile we start to feel however like we are back on the freeway, so far we have seen a rubbish truck, several buses, caravans and an aeroplane just crossed us and landed on the beach. It's hard to believe we are in national park territory! Next thing we know we join our first "convoy" Darren would be proud!

We decide to head down past the Maheno shipwreck and setup camp in the same spot JAs and Dee were at last night. A 10-minny stint and our mansion is established. (aka $100 tent from BCF- Last minute decision). Masterchef whips up meal and its not long before we retreat to the mansion. We sleep one eye open - on watch for dingos and a restless sleep makes us wish we had brought those cheap foam matresses afterall as sand its as soft as we anticipated.

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