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It's our last day at Glen Canyon and Wahweap. We decided to leave the cameras in their cases and just enjoy the beautiful weather. So even though we don't have any pictures we'd like to share a few thoughts on this area.

There are around 120 campsites here at Wahweap (it's full, too) and nearly half are occupied by rental class "C" motorhomes from the Big Four: CruiseAmerica, Camping World, El Monte and RoadBearRV. And most of them are rented by Europeans on holiday here in the American Southwest. We can tell where they're from by the snippets of conversation we hear on tour boats and in the campground. Nearly all are enjoying their visit to the US, at least they tell us that. We all enjoy the camping experience, but their are some differences in the way we travel. There was one instance today that clearly defined how different our cultures are.

We rode our bikes to the beach, laid down our towels, and headed for the warm lake water. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but closer and longer inspection proved my first observation correct. There, next to us on the beach, were two German couples also enjoying the sun. One of the ladies chose to sunbathe topless, a natural act in Europe. Now I certainly wasn't going to tell her that was probably a bit risque for here in Arizona. After an hour or so, with me doing my best not to stare (solely because I know the pain I would suffer from my better half if I got caught), she got up, brushed off the sand, and dressed. The gentlemen, with no more modesty promptly dropped their trunks, washed them in the water, and put on their shorts. Try that out at Beech Fork!

After the beach we spent most of the day doing maintenance, cleaning and minor repairs on the RV we'd been putting off for far too long. Later in the evening we drove up the hill to Page to get fuel for the Saturn while the price is cheap. While there, we ate dinner at a local barbecue shack, complete with an ederly mother and son duo singing, what else, country western songs. A delightful meal, and though they won't be winning American Idol, the entertainment was fun. We drove around town a bit to get a feel for the community. They've been hit just as hard as most American towns, with lots of homes for sale and closed shopping centers. But it was small town Arizona at its best. A real nice place.

With the sun setting we drove back to Wahweap, turned out the lights, and sat outside to watch the skies. So many stars you couldn't recognize the familiar constellations. Becky saw five "shooting stars"! The Milky Way shown brighly, so much so you thought it was a cloud dancing across the sky. Carl Sagan was right - billions and billions of stars in the universe.

After four days in this wonderful area we both agreed this is a place to which we'll return in our future travels and just might stay a little longer.

We truly hate to leave this place but tomorrow it's Zion.

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