Lindsays not wanting to work 2012 travel blog

three large subpention bridges 13ks long

part of same

ship building yard on outling island

yard at night

bridge by night


another bridgr at 4.30 am


small vilarge 5am



masan in the rain


look out

volvo plant



460 volvo diggers one ship load


over3000 cheherlets by dawhoo large disel engings in fore ground








having seen one of these in years

high presuer water jet


diecel engin

loading transformers for the usa


ships bows


see stafling still inside


bows after being painted


Volvo diggers

car carrier golg to take all the cars

more cars



well we left Shanghai to go the 460 miles to Mas an about a 24 hour trip we arrived the outer islands luckily of shore front a boat building yard where they build oil rigs and sea going cranes and at the front of the boat you could see 3 long suspension bridges 17 ks long joining the island to the mainland.And this was what we saw for the next 4 days while for a berth at the wharf. At 4am the pilot come on board and we then when inland for 34 ks. this whole area was like being in the Marlborough sounds either down to the oyster farming but with heavy industries in the small bays. about 10 ks up their was a very large Navy base with is own ship yard by now i was beginning to realize that there is their little trust in this part of the world every little island had a look out on it. Mas an it self is city of about a million people and home to some big companies Doosans make %60 of the worlds nuclear power plants and coal ones as well,S.T.X is the larges builder of large diesel motors in the world,Volvo has a digger factory here that completes 400 a wk. puss daewoo builds over 600 small cars a day all of the ones on the wharf where for the USA chevrolets. The wharfies in Korea have to be the slowest i have come across the boats has 4 cranes and they would only use one at a they where a bit better on the big itern . On the 3rd. day at the car carrier come in and car people manged to load over 3000 cars in 6 hours what a slight to see and after that one pulled another one come in to pick up the Volvo diggers they where going to Europe but we left before they loaded.

We in NZ don't know how lucky we are

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