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Red rock mountain

Desert highway

Glen Canyon dam

Wahweap marina

Sunset at campsite

Saturday's drive from Monument Valley to Page, AZ was a short three hours but what changes in scenery.

We went from red rock mountains to a

desert landscape with pinion pines and sagebrush. We travelled mostly along a mesa top until we reached the Colorado River canyon at Page. Then it was a 2000 ft drop to the Glen Canyon dam site.

Glen Canyon dam is the second largest BLM dam in the US, just 16 ft shorter than Hoover Dam. The lake behind it, named for explorer John Wesley Powell, is also the second largest man made lake in North America. The water level is quite low, though, down about 77 feet due mostly to persistent drought conditions in the whole Colorado River basin. The eight generators inside the dam provide enough hydroelectric power for over one and a half million homes and has paid for its construction 20 times over through electric billing to its customers. Quite a bargain, for once, for our government.

Wahweap area of the lake, just about five miles from the dam, has a beautiful lodge, marina, campground and RV park where we're staying. Desert landscape through out, but still quite stunning. The RV park sits right up from the swimming beach. Air temps run 85-95 daily, and water temperature a comfortable 78.

Sunset comes early to the park since it is in Arizona's standard time zone. Just two hundred feet from our campsite it's Utah and Daylight savings time. Confusing, but we leave our watched set for Arizona time.

Sunday we'll tour the dam interior, than lay on the beach enjoying the weather.

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