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Wiki Info Yangon

We finally come to the conclusion that given the uncertainties of getting off in Bago we will continue on to Yangon and miss Bago! We tell the 'conductor' fellow who gives us a puzzled look but nevertheless, now we can rest onward without thinking about what we'll do. When we get to our seats, a very nice Burmese fellow (they all are that way it seems) tells us in broken English that the bus really does not go into Bago, it would drop us off 24 miles from Bago from where we'd have to pay a taxi to get into town!! This,of course, clinches our decision, as sad as it makes Bon!

At 3:15 the bus stops again and the 'conductor' guy wakes us to tell us we are at the get off for Bago! Clearly, our communications skills are lacking but we reconfirm that we wish

to continue on to Yangon. Fifteen minutes later we arrive in the Yangon bus station, ha! So much for arriving at 4:30am...a taxi after some haggling from 10000 to down to 7000 (which is probably twice what the locals pay anyway but Bon hangs tough) brings us to Motherland 2. Just a slight delay while the driver breaks off the key in the trunk lock and deals with it and then the kindly door 'guard' carries our bags in to the lobby where we crash for 2 hours on their not-so-comfortable wood chairs waiting to check in.

Later, the very nice folks here at Motherland take pity upon us and offer breakfast and a room to sleep in while ours is being vacated sometime around noon. This is more than we expected but what makes this place a very pleasant stay in Yangon...along with the polite and helpful/friendly staff.

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