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One of the Beautiful Old Homes in the Area

Orchids Blooming at Dahlia Motel

National Kandawgyi Gardens

National Kandawgyi Gardens

National Kandawgyi Gardens

National Kandawgyi Gardens

National Kandawgyi Gardens

Beautiful Black Swans at National Kandawgyi Gardens

Tim Taking Numerous Photos

National Kandawgyi Gardens

One of Many Orchids in National Kandawgyi Gardens

Another of Hundreds of Orchids in National Kandawgyi Gardens

And More

Still More

Actually, We Were There When Only Several Dozen Orchids Were Blooming

Nan Myint Tower

View of Countryside From Nan Myint Tower

Wiki Info Pyin U Lwin

Railway Wonders of the World

Wiki Info Goteik Viaduct

Shared taxi with Summer and a local, 6500 k each. Trip took 2 hours and because Summer had called and made reservations we had no trouble being dropped off at Dahlia Motel and then sharing a room. It's a bit out of town but they drove us into town gratis to the Golden Triangle Cafe. Raining off and on. We walked around town and out to National Kandawgyi Gardens.


Really nice, even in the rain. Lots of people but it's a huge area so you don't notice. Great orchid garden and butterfly museum which contained thousands of mounted dead butterflies from all over the world, biggest collection I've ever seen! Climbed the Nan Myint Tower for wonderful views of the surrounding countryside. Went to very nice, reasonable Pan Taw Win restaurant for dinner on the way back to Motel. Even had some sun show up. The folks at the Motel are very helpful -we will go to train station at 7:30am tomorrow for the train leaving for Goteik viaduct over the gorge once (in 1901) the 2nd highest bridge in the world.

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