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A walk to the West side of 86th Street brings us to...

It ajoins the Henry Hudson Parkways along the Hudson River


There's a restauant at the 79th street Boat Basin/Marina




The roadway rises way above the park and street

West Side mansions



A private school


It must have a hairdresers program

MJ with two new officers

They now carry anti-checimal/biological gas masks

We thought it said "Marijuana Restaurant"

Underneath NYC -pipe and electrical cables everywhere.

MJ on the subway

Back to Ground Zero after 11 years


Two footprints of the original towers

names of the victims etched in bronze


Mary with PGA neighbors Mike and Helene Gansell


The Gansells friend lost on one of the flights


The survivor tree

Will it be a target for future terrorist attacks?

NY Stock Exchange

Wall Street

South Street




Back to Wall Street

This aptly depicts our economy!

Occupy Wall Streeters

Unusual bldg.

City Hall Plaza/Fountain

Mary and Maureen reteurn together to where they were 11 years ago...



Flight 93

Todd Beamer "Let's Roll"

Renee May and her unborn child were unsuspecting victims


Maureen Olson reported from her airplane before it hit the South Tower




Personal artifacts which littered Ground Zero for months.

Statue of Liberty from Battery Park

Ellis Island


WTC / world financial center Harbor

Sailing School

NYPD Memorial

Jim Rowley - my friend


The Atrium

This was crushed as the Towers fell


Irish Famine Memorial

Resembles Irelands countryside

Andy and Maureen



I ate there many nights while at Ground Zero

Very little graffitti left in NYC thanks to Rudy Giuliani

Ballons anyone?

The Eye Spy in the sky - its a good thing

New York City Convention Center on the Husdon River

Back on the North end of Highline Park


Clever cardboard figure

Real Estate goldmine from what was once a declining area of the...





This building remained after a larger one attachd to it was demolished

A "Unisex" bathroom washroom at the Standard Grill in The Meatpacking District.

German Americans touring New York City

This building wrap covers construction site on 14th Street

Dinner with good friends from the NYPD

Tony and Martha(left) Bob and Irene Mary standing behind Rosalind Joe standing...





MJ in the City that Never Sleeps

Underwear ad on the JumboTron

Grands stands to watch the grand show in Times Square

Hi everyone:

No we have not left you but we have been doing and seeing a lot in this our second week in NYC. After long days of dog walking, touring, meeting and visiting with friends and many/many climbs (6 times each day)up the three sets of 17 steps each to our apartment so I have not had the energy to sit at the computer and make an entry. However many of you must be just as busy as I have not been reading any comments from many of you on my previous entries. Remember, love is a two way street - so please write back.


This week we traveleed from uptown to downtown many times for sightseeing lower Manhattan; dinner around town; we got to see the Broadway Show - Wicked; we made two visits to the World Trade Center Memorial and visited with friends from PGA as well as New York City.


As we visited the World Trade Center Memorial grounds we could not help recalling all that had happened on that fateful day almost 11 years ago. It saeems every day now we read in the newpapers or hear on the TV new compaints that Americans are becoming "impatient" with increasing security measures at airports. I would just like to ask anyone of them this simple question. " Would any of you want to have been on one of those four planes that were used as instruments of terror on 9/11/01". I am sure that any of those victims would walk naked through an airport today if they were given a second chance on life if that act would have prevented what happened to them and the other vitims in the Twin Towers. Terrorism is not going away. Each day terrorists are planing to bypass security systems and those systems must be upgraded to prevent that from happening. I for one would not want to be on a plane the explodes in mid air or crashes into a building simply because someone did not want to be "incovenienced"!


Check out the pictures and as we enter Week #3 there will be more of the same so please..... Stay tuned!

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