Dan's Korean Adventure 2005-06 travel blog

Yoon-Ju and I giving the Heisman!

Scott flexing his muscles while Mi-Jin,Yoon-Ju, and Drew look on.

Scott doing some meditation, I think? I really don't know what the...

The Fireworks show on Saturday.

A cute Korean mud girl who is walking in the mud parade.

The Mud Pit!

The Mud cage!

A little limbo anybody?

Scott, Drew, and Becca having a great time!

More from the parade!

Hello everybody-

This past weekend I experienced the 8th annual Boryeong Mud Festival. The Festival has been recognized by the Korean tourism board for the last few years. It has been voted the best festival in Korea. There were tens of thousands of people in town. Many families participated as well.

My friends Drew and Scott, both fellow MSU grads, went along. We left on a train from Daegu last Saturday morning at 4am. We had to switch trains halfway to Boryeong. The trip took about four hours and we took a nap once we arrived at our hotel. Oh yeah, we payed 30 bucks to sleep on the floor. It was a traditional Korean hotel. It was near the beach though.

Around 1pm we hit the beach! My friend Becca from England met us at the festival. She is on a tour of Asia for a month. She is seeing Korea and China!

We then hit the Mud pit! Little did I know that when you went into the pit clean you were tackled at once by ten drunk men and woman. The funny thing was that there were little kids in the pit as well. Welcome to Korea!

The first day we saw a little rain. Rain and mud are a perfect mix though. Cleaning yourself was no problem. You could just jump in the ocean to wash off.

At night we all went to dinner at a nice Korean resturaunt. We had some very good seafood while some nice fireworks were being shot off a barge in the ocean. We went out to a few clubs and called it a night.

Sunday was a beautiful day. The sun was out all day and it was perfect for laying on the beach. A couple Korean girls from Daegu met us on Sunday. One girl didn't want anything to do with the mud, while the other was all about it.

We hung out all day before we had to catch a chartered bus to Daegu at 5pm. The bus ride took five hours, but we went through some beautiful mountains during the evening.

Anyway, everything else in my life in Korea is pretty much the same. I work, workout, and hang out with friends on the weekends. Right now though we have summer camps in the morning. So I have three extra classes from 9am-noon, three days a week. I do get paid overtime but its not very fun. I have a three hour break before I have to go back to work from 3-9pm. The summer camps are only one month and it will be good to get some extra change in my pocket.

Well, I hope everybody is doing well back home or where ever you are. Please send some emails soon.

Take Care,


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