Bob & Bill's 2012 Camping Trip travel blog

193; our campsite at Heald's Haven camp ground South of Salmon, Idaho

194; Same as 193

194A; Hwy 93 Passing thru stone cuts

195; back following the Salmon River

196; Same as 195

197; Nice Rocks near Ellis, Idaho

198; Same as 197

199; Mtns near Mackay, Idaho

200; Salmon River in Sth Idaho

202; Craters of the Moon National Park (CMNP) Monument

202A; CMNP Lava Fields

202B; Same as 202A

203;CMNP Kiosk showing what spatter cones looked like when erupting

204; Spatter cones at CMNP

205; Same as 204

206; CMNP cool rocks

207; CMNP flowers growing in the lava fields

208; more flowers in the lava fields

209; CMNP Lava field rocks

210: same as 209

211; CMNP crater hole

212; CMNP lichens on dead tree

213; CMNP landscape

214; CMNP cool tree

215; CMNP "Tree Molds" bark impressions left in lava

216; same as 215

217; CMNP very cool lava formations

218; CMNP vertical tree mold impression left in lava

219; CMNP more cool rocks

220; CMNP "Devil's Orchard"

221; Same as 220

222; Same as 221

Day #17 Labor Day, Monday 9\3. It does not feel like a Labor Day holiday to us. And the locals are all abuzz about the fires. We are up around 8:30 and wander around the beautiful campground (images #193 and #194) which is very near the Salmon River. We see a large bird up the river some. We take a game trail and get pretty close to see that it is a bald eagle! It flies off as we near. We get back to camp and have oatmeal for breakfast (we are working down the stash of hand prepared oatmeal bagged by Laura). We finally leave camp by 12:30 and set course south on rte 93 again. We have made alternate plans and will visit the Craters of the Moon National Monument. We pass thru Challis and then drive alongside the Salmon river and the Lost River Range of mountains, including Mt. Borah (12,662 ft high). Images #195 thru #201 capture the sights along the way. We stop in Mackay and have a good pizza at the B&B Garden Restaurant at 4:30. Back on the road and pass thru Arco (the first city in the world lighted by Nuclear Power). By 5:30 we enter the Craters of the Moon National Monument visitor center. It looks like a cool place. We are advised to see "Snow Cone/Spatter Cones" and "Tree Molds Trail". (See Image #202A for park map) We stop first at Inferno Cone where we climb up for a good view. We then drive to Spatter Cones, Tree Molds Trail (1.8 mile hike round trip) and end with Devil's Orchard. Images #202 thru #222 tell the story. This is a very interesting place! We head back on rte93 south to Twin Falls. It is 9:45PM and we begin looking for a campground. We gas up in Holister and continue on. We enter Nevada and finally find a self-check-in RV park in the town of Jackpot right next to (you guessed it) a casino- Cactus Pete's. We set up and have a pudding and a few local brews from Twin Falls that were very unique and kind of nice. We walked thru the casino and it was very much dead on a Labor Day night. It is once again cold as we turn in around 1AM.

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