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The sites of Albi

The pre-tour sponsors' parade

Team Discovery's Outback!

The top of Lance's head! (I was perched in someone's window to...

Le peleton (look for Lance in yellow on the left!)

The view from Raime's shoulders!

The streets of Albi...

Lance isn't exactly our 'best' friend, but we both were close enough to touch him!!! Kate is positive he smiled at her and said 'thanks.' This morning involved a lot of waiting in the hot sun, and lots of sponsors' crazy superdecorated trucks (see photo), and lots of excitement. We jumped over lots of barriers to get around, which seems to be the national pastime here. For a while there was just one cop with a whistle watching hundreds and hundreds of rule-breakers. There were more cops after that as Lance's entrance approached, but they were all interested in seeing the action and couldn't give a crap about anything. It was pretty exciting to watch all the team cars and buses roll in and see the riders 'warming-up' by riding 3 mph through the throngs of people zho had jumped the fence. After seeing all this and catching a glimpse of Lqnce, we jumped some more fences to get a good spot to watch le peloton roll through town on their way to the official start. We were hoping to somehow get onto the course or to the finish, but getting to the finish-line-town invloves seven hours on three trains. We heard that people sometimes are able to hitch with sponsors and members of the press, but we didn't know where to find any of these people. The second group of English speakers we approached (so, what are you guys up to today?) were on their way to get a beer and that sounded pretty good. The whole atmosphere is very exciting - we'll definately be back in the future. Now we're headed back to our motel to watch the coverage and not know what's happening because it's in French!! xox

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