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It's been a REALLY long week! I woke up on Monday with a scratchy, sore throat but made the run into Rapid with Larry anyway. I had an appointment at the orthopedic surgeon for one last look at my wrist before leaving the area. As I mentioned in an earlier post I had been suffering with extreme pain in my left thumb & wrist for months & finally got a diagnosis followed by an injection. I was scheduled for a 2nd shot on the 27th, if needed, & was glad that the pain subsided after about 14 days, making it unnecessary. However, a strange, hard lump appeared at the injection site & was not going down so we finally decided I should get it checked out. I did a couple of hours of Googl'ing & in my 'unexpert' medical opinion decided it was a wrist ganglion. Not serious, just ugly! Good diagnosis by the way, lol! After a bit of discussion we decided to just leave it alone for now, at least until we get home & under our regular health insurance.

Unfortunately, our next diagnosis, on the truck, did not go as well! We had a 1pm appointment at the Ford dealership for an oil change & a good 'look over' for the truck. A wrench symbol had appeared a couple of times as we made our way through Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska & ultimately SD this past June. But the truck ran fine all of the way & the symbol went out weeks ago. We were really hoping it was nothing serious. When the service writer headed our way several hours later with a clipboard in hand & a 'hangdog' expression on his face we knew it was going to be costly! And, it was! We needed a new FICM, EOC, ERG & the list goes on. They kept our truck from Monday until Thursday.

In the meantime, my cold/flu hung on with a vengeance. Symptoms included a sever headache that never ended, aching jaw & teeth, sore throat, coughing...well, you get the idea. My hubby kept me down & full of fluids as well as aspirin, Dayquil & Nyquil. Did I mention I wish I owned stock in Vicks? LOL And I lost track of how many hours I slept. But the worst part is I missed both Wednesday & Friday's line dance classes, grrrrrr...I love that class!

But I regress, on Thursday Larry got the call that the truck was ready. He returned the rental vehicle, got the truck, headed for home, and guess what? The engine light came on!!! What??? So, he returned to the shop & they discovered a lose wire to the newly installed FICM. Okay, glad that was an easy fix. Friday morning I was still to shaky & weak to dance but I did shower & dress for the first time all week. Note, I did wash up, just didn't shower, lol! Anyway, Larry returned from the class with a black cloud over his head :) Yep, the engine symbol was back on again. So, off to Rapid again. I made the very unwise (as it turned out) decision to ride along thinking the sunlight & fresh air would do me good. What harm could an hours drive each way & an hour at the dealership possibly do? Umphhh....

After several hours they finally located the broken part & the plugged screen that had just been replaced the day before. Said it was all corroded up because years of dirt & gunk got broke lose while replacing it. Apparently it had filled this part & clogged the screen & in addition to that the exhaust wasn't lined up correctly? The service manager & the mechanic, as well as the billing gal stayed 45 minutes past closing to finish our job. With the 3 day holiday weekend coming they wanted us to have our vehicle & not have it sitting in the shop. We paid the bill & went on our merry way. Did I mention that by now I was laying on the couch in the waiting room, gasping for air, in full headache mode & that my Dayquil had long ago worn off? AND, I was out of cough drops, lol!!!

Needless to say we headed for the nearest drug store. And, guess what? They were out of Dayquil...Are you kidding me? Seriously? By now we'd been gone 7+ hours & all I wanted to do was go home & go to bed. We decided to make a quick stop at K-mart for the much needed liquid & cough drops, grab a Hardee's burger since it was in the same lot, & head for the hills. All of a sudden the oil pressure gauge shot up then dropped like a rock. Larry quickly shut the truck down, waited for the traffic light to change & drove the few feet into the parking lot. We jumped out & saw a stream of oil leading to our final stop & a large pool puddling under the truck. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? We could have cried! Now what do we do? Well, fortunately the service manager had visited quite a bit with Larry throughout the day & had given him a business card that included his personal cell #. We called & he answered...Yippeeee!

He immediately made arrangements to meet us in 15-20 minutes & promised to bring a tow truck. He also called the mechanic who had worked on our truck at home & arranged for him to meet us back at the shop. They loaded our truck on a flatbed & took us back to the dealership. The mechanic arrived & after a bit of probing determined that we had lost an oil pressure regulator. A new issue with an old part. The feeling was that with the oil pressure going through the 'new parts' at a 'higher' pressure it caused the 'old' part to blow. Causing us to lose 4 quarts of oil all over the ground. Bottom line, we replaced the part but don't know what the bill is yet. The billing dept was closed of course so we won't know until Tuesday. The service manager did state that we would not be charged for the tow or for any labor, just for the part. So, in closing this ramble, after close to $5,000 we think the truck is running good. We'll have to drive it a few hundred miles to make sure before we head out. But we're grateful for the help we got from McVie Ford on Friday evening for sure! They went above & beyond the call of duty, don't you think? As for me, I was just glad to see the lights of home when we rolled in at 10:20pm. And my bed!!!

P.S. Today is my brother-in-law Don's birthday. And, it's also his 34th wedding anniversary to my wonderful sister Elaine. So Happy Birthday Don & Happy 34th to both of you. Hope you have a wonderful day & many more blessed years to come. We love you!

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