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We started our day with with a tasty breakfast at the Neptune...

Then we started out exploring the beautiful countryside in the area

We loved seeing all the beautiful old barns ....

... each with their own unique personality


Here's an interesting variety of cows

The mountains are particularly pretty too as seen here behind the barn...

A beautiful white church against the blue sky in one of the...

We went to the Fly Creek Orchards in where else ... Fly...

This was definitely a tourist spot, but we enjoyed it

We fed the ducks there - I've never seen ducks like these...

Interesting pic of our shadows - me taking photos and Charlie feeding...

You could buy everything "apple" there - we had an apple stick,...

We drove through pretty Cooperstown again today

We drove all around the Otsego Lake in Cooperstown too

Enjoyed seeing more beautiful houses

... and the impressive Otsega Hotel located on the lake

The next few photos were taken on the grounds of the Fenimore...

Cute frog on a pond

Charlie enjoying the weather and the beautiful lake views

These sailboats appeared to be participating in a regatta

One of the many nice B&Bs in the area

From Oneonta, New York …

Saturday, September 1, 2012

We enjoyed another beautiful day here in upstate New York. The highs were in the low 80s which made it perfect for touring around the countryside.

After sleeping in a bit late, we went out for breakfast. The Neptune Diner here in Oneonta fed us very well. Their food was very tasty and perfectly cooked.

We spent most of our day exploring some scenic routes in the area. My photos will tell the story of what we found along the way … neat tiny towns and pretty farms. It is just a beautiful area. Every once in a while, you will see snowmobile crossing signs, a hint at all the snow they surely receive during the winter.

If you like barns, you'll enjoy the photos in this blog. I love old barns, and I especially enjoyed seeing the "working" barns with fresh hay bales stuffed so tight inside you could see it peeking out the upper windows.

We definitely miss some things about not traveling in the RV on this trip. Especially having to live out of suitcases instead of having everything in its place in the RV. And sleeping in your own bed. And then there is the scenic atmosphere usually found in the campgrounds and parks. Oh well. It just didn't make sense to travel in the RV on this particular trip.

We talked to my parents on the phone today. They left home this morning and are headed to PA today. They will be taking a different route than we are, but we will meet up with them in about a week in Massachusetts. They sounded excited about their trip as well.

Now we are back at our hotel just “chillaxing” for a while before we go out for supper. Across the road from our hotel is a restored train station that now houses a restaurant called Stella Luna. It looks really good. I told you there were a lot of Italian restaurants here. Of course, last night when we had pizza out, I was self conscious about cutting my pizza with a fork - haha! No surprise that everyone around us picked their slice up and folded it.

Tomorrow we are On the Road Again and headed to Vermont … a new state for us!

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