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Driving->> Day ONE!

Today was a day filled with driving.. lots of it! We started off in the morning from Westport. From there we journeyed to find the lighthouse at Cape Foulwind… not too far from where we were! We were able to find it within a few minutes… very simple, but still a lighthouse. I got a picture, Gran! I’ll make sure to tag you when I upload them! While walking around the lighthouse we saw a little flightless bird… I freaked, cause naturally I thought it must be SOME kind of kiwi… but it wasn’t.. it was a Weka! Cute little brown bird.. and it got super close to us! That thing was NOT shy..

After leaving the lighthouse we headed off on our long journey to Queenstown. We stopped in Greymouth for lunch, where we found our friend Brian! Funny to run into someone you know while on vacation on the South Island. He had taken the train to Greymouth from Christchurch for the night. We didn’t stay around there long though.. we had to get back on the road! We grabbed some fries and free wifi at McD’s and headed on the road again!

From there we took the highway through Arthurs Pass. GORGEOUS! Completely surrounded by mountains, valleys, gorges, rivers, and trees! We had to drive up some steep slopes and hills… and through a LOT of one lane bridges. The South Island is just filled with one lane bridges. Safe to say.. I have become a pro at driving a stick…through the mountains! HA, dad… didn’t think I could do it… BUT I CAN! =P

We stopped along the way and took some cute scenic pictures! Once we were through the mountains, it got quite flat. We were able to stop in a town and get some groceries… then we pulled over in Geraldine for the night. We cooked some pasta for dinner and had some tea. YUM. I am happy to say that I am satisfied.. in terms of not being hungry! Buuuuuutttt…. Now its bed time… more driving tomorrow… and then we will arrive in QUEENSTOWN! Bring on the adventure! =)

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