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We arrived in Albi in the midi-Pyrnees early this morning after a long night on the train. A portly man with a hell of a snore did his best to keep us awake but we managed a few naps. We envied the people in the first clqss couchettes (little bunk beds) but our reclining seats weren't too bad. Albi is an adorable old town with lots of cobblestone streets, a huge cathedral, and beautiful bridges. The pace of life is much slower here than in Paris, which means we now have at least a chance in hell of understanding what these crazy French people are saying to us!

The best part of Albi at the moment is that the Tour de France has officially rolled into town. We watched it on TV all afternoon (whilst dozing to recover from the train of course) and got so excited for tomorrow. On our way to dinner we walked by a truck full of bikes and bike parts and a whole team of techs getting ready for tomorrow. Of course it was a team we've never heard of but oh well! We chatted through dinner with a great couple of guys who are marathoners and triathletes and who have been following the tour over the past couple of days. They said they've heard that the best part to see is the start, since you can catch the guys warming up and hanging out and not just whizzing by at 40 mph. This was great news for us since we found there's really no good way for us to get on the course. So cross your fingers for a post about us becoming best friends with Lance! We'll let you know...Enjoy the old pix, sorry we couldn't post more. Hope all is well. xoxo.

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